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Liquid Spaces in Cappadocia


In the project Liquid spaces that I made in Cappadocia (Turkey) I worked with a combination of photography and film.

For choosing a setting I let myself be influenced by the surroundings and cultural remarkable items. InCappadociaI got fascinated by the ruins in the mountains and traces of humanity, which led me to creating different worlds with each a different atmosphere. By creating an installation and performing in these ruïns I visualized surrealistic worlds. After shooting the film I created sounds-capes, and use my voice, to give the film an even more alienated feel. In the film represent the innocent girl in a white dress floating above a pool of blue water, awaking in a room with a blanket in the shape of the mountains outside the window or waving away a sandcarpet with repeating movements. All made with a fixed frame as if it is a moving photograph.

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