Artimix = Leonie Muller

This name stands for the mixing of many art-styles that I work with. I mix video with three-dimensional objects or I record my voice to add to a performance with red paint. The starting point is a theme or a location that inspires me.

Art work

My works are often a mixture of media, combining performance, installation, photography, video, sculpture, text, choreography and sound. In my films I often pose in surrealistic worlds. Subtle movements and the transience of the surroundings are central in my work. My work has a poetic and aesthetic feel. The subjects I’m fascinated by are: the tranciense of my surrounding, the struggles of a human being dealing with life, being trapped in time, powerlessness, fragility and how people are led by emotions.

The created worlds, I portrait myself or the performer in, are chosen settings in public spaces. For choosing a setting I let myself be influenced by the surroundings and cultural remarkable items. I’m fascinated by traces of humanity. By filming, performing or creating an installation in these public spaces, I visualize my surrealistic up to absurdist worlds.  After shooting film I create sounds-capes, and use my voice, to give the film an even more alienated feel. Than I recreate surreal worlds in a public space. My goal is to create a new dimension in the exposition room and to let the public be part of the installation.

Leonie Muller 15 juli 2013



Leonie Muller was born inAlkmaar, The Netherlands, on November 30, 1978.

In 1983 she moved for three years to Sri Lanka.

During her school period (1991-1996) she followed acting-courses and participated in different plays.

She studied at theAcademyOfArtsinTilburg(The Netherlands) from 1996 and in 2000 she graduates with video-installations.

Beginning as a photographer Leonie subsequently shifted her focus to installations, sound pieces, and performance. She often performs in her own work.

In 2004 she made an installation on location for an art-route inBelgium(Tempus Arti) followed up by the installations on location “Red Desire” (2005) and “Water” (2007) in Chaam (The Netherlands).

During that time she was also singing and rapping in several bands, writing her lyrics and co-producing songs. With the band Oxide 9 she reached in 2005 the finals of a big music contest (Grote Prijs van Nederland) and with the live electronic band E-Quad she did a tour inSouth Africain 2006.

Her experience with music and theatre got more involved in her art-works. Combining installations and performances with music. In 2006 she made a wonder-organ based on the story “Alicein Wonderland”. With this organ she did several performances in the public space. With this performance she presents the way two realities distort, leaving the public with confused feelings. A theme that she involves more and more in her works.

In 2006 she starts with creating electronic music on the computer. This resulted in a visual-music performance named “Lucy Bakes Purple Cakes”.

In the summer of 2007 she confronts the public of the Kröller Muller museum in Otterlo with her “Red Bath” performance in the garden where she (wearing a white dress) steppes into a bathtub filled with red water.

In 2007 she wins an art-contest for which she makes an installation in the public space “playing cards” in a park inRoosendaal.

During these years she develops more in sound which now takes an important place in her works like in her video-works.

In her art-work she works a lot with layers and natural structures. The struggles of a human being dealing with reality: feeling powerless, dealing with emotions, fragility, desires and pain, wondering about the many splendours of life are often themes in her work.

One of her goals is to get the public involved with her work. In her work interaction with the public takes an important place.

In the summer of 2009 she works for one month in an art rescidency inCappadocia,Turkey. In the surrounding ruïns she develops installations and performances which she films. Later she creates soundscapes using her voice, noise and electronic instruments to add to the short movies.

She starts to focus more on filming to create a new reality. To use film projection in public space in a way that the space has a new dimension. Her goal is to take film out of its borders like the television or movie screen and present it as a part of a space. InHollandshe presented the movies made inCappadociain an exposition space projecting on the walls, windows and floors combined with rocks, water and sand that she placed on the ground.

She continues with using projection on objects and surroundings like in the video-installation “Having dinner with Grandma’. In a cemetery I made a memorial art-peace for my late grandmother. I projected memories of my grandmother on a tabletop. I also placed blue water around trees projecting flying white birds on the treas.

She discovers that working in a another culture and surrounding inspires her a lot. Intrigued by different cultures, rituals and the symbols. She plans another trip toIndiain 2010/11 where she wants to focus on rituals. This time she doesn’t perform herself but she films performer/dancer Asime Can Özözer so she can focus more on the filming and the movement of the camera. In these carefully staged performances she presents three different brides that she later projects on objects made of soft tingling shells, a blanked made out of cracked wax to give it a broken feel.

In august 2011 she creates visuals for several screans for  a theatre music group Melphi which performs at the Boulevard Festival in Den Bosch. And in 2012 she makes film for a theatreperformance on the top of a building  “Alle begin is moeilijk”. Here she projects images on buildings.

Her starting point is very often a certain place where she creates an installation or performance. In 2012 she gets the opportunity to make a work for Oerol in a bunker in the forrest of Terschelling. She makes a sound installation with objects and water.

From 2010 she also gets involved in several community art projects.

In 2014 she makes a film installation “Kloof”, here she experiments with showing a story in film on four screens aroud the viewer.

In 2015 she works with the landscape as her projection screen. Together with theatre director Heleen van Doremalen she makes a performance “Kudde”. The public walks with a headphone and a flock of sheep through a national park. When the sun goes down filmprojections from Leonie are seen on the landscape, like on a tree or the sand. She merges the projected images with the surrounding.